Stylist’s Guide To Wearing A Designer Lehenga For A Wedding

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Think weddings, think designer lehenga! There is no beating the popularity of a silhouette that is synonymous with wedding dressing in today’s day & time. While modern fashionistas are breaking the rules by picking an array of other styles for their own big day or their loved ones’, the lehenga continues to reign supreme.

This certainly brings up the question of how one can stand out in a sea of stunning selects, all donned to perfection by today’s fashion-forward women. One way to go about it is by hunting down the most unique pieces by budding or ace designers. But, this can also sometimes entail settling for a creation that just doesn’t align with your preferences or taste – even if it gets you noticed.

Another way to move forward is by styling it smartly and buying more mindfully. So, we at Basanti - Kapde Aur Koffee turned to our stylists for some cues! Scroll below for a stylist-approved lowdown on wearing the glorious womens lehenga for brides & bridesmaids.


Decoding The Quintessential Bridal Lehenga

The search for the perfect lehenga for bride doesn’t start when the dream proposal is made. No – it starts way earlier than that, with women bookmarking their favourite styles and designers since they come of age. A bride-to-be’s tryst with this distinctive classic extends beyond her wedding day or related functions. The designer lehenga becomes a keepsake for her, which is either passed down to her or attains heirloom status when bought. Resultantly, the pressure of perfecting it is real! Here’s a look at the stylists’ vision for those tying the knot.

Light Pink Embroidered Lehenga


Stay Understated For Wedding Functions

Whether it’s the roka or the engagement – the right designer bridal lehenga goes a long way in ensuring you’re dressed to impress! Sure, it isn’t the top pick when it comes to Mehendi or Cocktail celebrations, but that’s only because most lehengas are adorned with heavy embellishments that prove to be inconvenient. Luckily, designers have recognised the need of the hour and have introduced hassle-free renditions.

To make the most out of the frolic of pre-wedding festivities, the lehenga set needs to be carefully chosen. Your engagement lehenga can have a mix of both prints and thread work. Sangeet outfits are generally more playful, suiting the nature of the celebrations. So as long as you bank on a lightweight #OOTD, you’ll be set for dancing all night long!

Hand Embroidered Draped Lehenga Set


‘Understated’ doesn’t have to mean boring, although this is the universal notion. It only means stepping away from maximalist aesthetics when they don’t exactly serve the purpose, i.e. shedding excess. So, even when you accessorise your printed or embroidery lehenga, do so with jewellery that is well-placed and in sync with your top-to-toe outfit. Incorporate statement pieces to stir up conversation, from arm candies to ornaments.

Bandhani Print Lehenga Set


Redefine Norms In Red

Reds are seeing an undeniable resurgence in bridalwear. Designers of today are ensuring a less modest, more contemporary and global approach to the traditional colour. If you’re gravitating towards a heritage-rich designer lehenga yourself, opt for blouses with sultry cuts that move away from the norm, details that ensure ease of movement, and embellishments that tell a story & spotlight Indian crafts. Ensure your red bridal lehenga is both functional and fashionable by choosing comfort over all else. Punctuate the ensemble with traditional jewels right out of your mother’s collection to ace the culturally-rooted approach.


Delving Into Lehengas For Bridesmaids

There is seldom anything more important to a bride-to-be than her bridesmaids! From dealing with her unshakeable jitters to being on top of every wedding-related task, they’re the true heroes of the nuptials. If you’re in a role such as this one, it’s important to match your style (read: wedding lehenga) to the designation. As a bridesmaid, bear in mind that you’ll be right at the centre of all the special moments of your BFF. Dress the part with our guide to acing lehengas as the friend-of-the-bride.

Hot Pink Georgette Lehenga & Cape Set


Go For Glamour

Just like the bride-to-be, you too, need to be dressed to make an impression, whether it’s pre-wedding celebrations you’re attending or the D-Day itself. Glamorous variations of the lehenga pave the way for a youthful as well as unforgettable appeal. Our top pick is the crop top lehenga! It’s a huge favourite among millennials as well as Gen-Z, and it is surely here to stay. A designer lehenga like this usually consists of a crop top instead of a typical blouse. Layered with an ethnic jacket, it is a total game-changer! If this is the look you’re aiming for, it would be best to invest in a high-waisted skirt for maximum impact.

Dry Lavender Sequinced Lehenga Set


Coming to those who would rather prefer a fancy lehenga – count on one with added drama like ruffles, supersized embellishments, etc. Make a strong case for grand entries with voluminous picks, or extra-flowy styles. Don’t forget to twirl for the ‘gram!


Moss Green Sequinned Lehenga Set


Pretty-Up In Prints

When in doubt – turn to prints! But even when you’ve got a clear head about your bridemaid lehenga, we’d still suggest trading embroidered ensembles for imprinted motifs. The primary reason for this? All the extra weight lifted off your garment!

A printed lehenga is high on style and low on maintenance. Meaning, you won’t have to spend hours and bucks on storing it after you’re done wearing it, and certainly not during the wedding. Beautiful paisleys, as well as larger-than-life florals, are doing the rounds on social media with good reason. Accessorise with beautiful flower jewellery!


Wine Floral Print Lehenga Set


For the main day, a Bandhani lehenga splashed or speckled with the most radiant colours will work wonders. Choose from some of the most stunning options available.


Printed Embellished Bandhni Lehenga Set


Master wedding dressing not by seeking the perfect designer lehenga – but by being true to your personal style!



Which colour is trending for lehenga?

It is Ivory + Gold! From Alia Bhatt to Arpita Mehta, the charm of this iconic colour duo reached almost every Bollywood wedding in 2022.

Which designer lehenga is best?

Basanti - Kapde Aur Koffee offers a carefully-curated ethnic lehenga selection that is not just modern and eccentric, but also affordable and won’t burn a hole in your pocket! Find something for every occasion and person.

How many types of lehenga are there?

Several, but the most prominent ones are A-Line Lehenga, Straight Cut Lehenga, Fishtail Lehenga, Broad-Flared Lehenga and Saree Style Lehenga.

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