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Basanti Ke Kapde Aur Koffee - A unit of RARO House of fashion

With over 2 decades of being pride and backbone of innovation and design in Delhi's fashion industry, Indu and Sanjay Ahuja known for heading 3 brands and breaking the boundaries proudly bring you a careful and cheerful curation: Basanti. Modern simplicity, romantic elegance and pure happiness, that's the magic we wish to give your refreshed wardrobes this season.

Basanti is a marshal of inherent upbeat roots opening the doors to an everyday kind of eccentricity with all that wearable and affordable fashion. A curation of a complete lifestyle overhaul along with a small coffee bar inside the store, where we want to breathe in more verve in every stitch and every step

So sip that coffee and munch those cookies, enjoy the rhythms of folk India, breathe in healing scents and cherish our little dress in your heart. We wish you smiles along!