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Designer Sarees for women by Basanti Kapde Aur koffee

One garment that suits every Indian woman is everyone’s favorite - SAREE!

Every girl has thought of wearing a saree from the day she has seen her mother wear one. It’s like an Indian tradition of a mother to pass it on to her daughter or your friends make you wear one. Sarees act like your last-minute savior for any event, day out, or special occasion. You can find your saree collection at Basanti making it a one-stop-shop for you to get your hands on all the contemporary and traditional sarees.

Buy Handcrafted Designer Saree for Women

Basanti kapde aur Koffee offers a wide range of handcrafted sarees and is gaining huge popularity. The artisans at the warehouse have crafted the sarees in the highest quality of fabrics. With a wide range of variety in the fabrics covering from georgette which takes the shape of your body appropriate for evening wear, Chiffon sarees which are slightly casual and can be styled with heavy blouses, Silk sarees have a natural sheen to it and is perfect for all the occasion and festive wear. Cotton sarees for the comfort and natural essence you want to have and wear them to small gatherings and lunches. 

Offering a wide range of colors and fabrics to choose from and making it simple to shop for you. Shopping online makes it even easier for you in times you don’t wish to go out and shop. You can have access to shop at the click, seeing the sarees in every angle and up close.

Colour Palette 

With so many colors and vibrancy in our nation having those many colors in our wardrobe is also important. With gorgeous color schemes together the sarees are enhanced even more. Teal blue sarees with golden weaves, tissue sarees in mint green color with booties all over, patola silk sarees in the combination of red and blue. Basantikapdeaurkaffee has got you covered in the beauty of art tussar, Patola silk, organza, and tissue in the most thoughtful colors. The color choices are not limited here as we get to choose from a wide range of colors. Sarees can be draped in numerous ways that one can’t even imagine. 

Patterns and Design 

Each saree is home to numerous embroideries and designs. Depending upon the occasion you can pick your favorites from Basanti website.

The sarees come with stitched and unstitched blouses. A timeless favorite for most continues to be the simple, elegant, and charming tones suiting every age group. From young girls to all the elder ladies. We at Basanti not only want you to feel luxurious but also experience aesthetics and tradition together. 

Banarasi sarees showcase countless golden weave filigree and floral motifs. Organza sarees having intricate got work, patola sarees having combination weaves are something to surely have in your wardrobe. Sarees can be worn in daily wear activities, occasion wear, for all the festivities and weddings. So simple yet so chic! 

Style Them Sarees 

You can layer them up with tones of oxidized jewelry or fine ornaments as per the taste and requirement. Add a statement sling or a small purse to jazz up your look. Wearing sarees is not just comfortable but also elegant that makes you feel like a queen.