With the recent turn of events, when the world is still swaying from the worldwide pandemic our lives have been affected to a high extent. And the only thing that keeps us alive and motivated for the future is the love that we receive and the love that we sprinkle across. Making our relationships a strong base to have faith in humans and acting like the strongest rope to hold on to.

Falling in love is inevitable & sharing the space with your soulmate is all we desire at the end of the day. And as Individuals choose to flourish as couples, the couples are choosing “Intimate Ceremonies” as a new normal.
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While big weddings can be super fun it can definitely create a huge whole in your pocket. More than being easy on the wallet - Intimate Ceremonies Weddings are here to stay for a reason as you get to spend time with the connections that are super important and lets you create special memories that will last a lifetime, which you cannot provide in a big wedding.
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So Why wait ? When it's time to take out your dancing shoes and your favourite playlist because the FUN IS ABOUT TO BEGIN!!

Before you start planning out the Lockdown Intimate Ceremony you need to take on an account and practice the following-

  1. Ensure Social Distancing- Maintain social distancing even in smaller events, Avoid hugging or any other physical contact.
  2. Maintain Hygiene- Super important to keep sanitizers everywhere. Ensure temperature checks. And the washrooms are clean and hygienic.
  3. Get RSVP- It's always better to know who is coming and their health status.