Eagerly awaiting Diwali – the festival of lights? You’re not the only one. A time of warmth, love, and most importantly, dazzling style, Diwali is among the most anticipated celebrations for Indians. Urban fashionistas across the country eagerly prep for Diwali, not just for the festivities but for the opportunity to flaunt their most stunning ensembles. If you're looking for modern and trendsetting Diwali outfits in 2023, you've come to the right place. This blog is your lowdown on the latest trends and styles that will help you shine even brighter than the Diwali lights.

Lehenga Style Saree for the Best of Both Worlds

off shoulder goden shimmer blouse with multier ready to wear saree

Seen on runways aplenty, this is one of the most popular trends among urban fashionistas. The lehenga saree blends two traditional Indian silhouettes in order to create a contemporary appeal, resulting in unique and eye-catching outfits. So, for those who can't decide between a lehenga and a saree, the lehenga saree is a godsend. Combining the grace of a saree with the convenience of a lehenga, it is perfect for the ones looking to make a statement.

Consider pairing it with statement jewellery for a fabulous look, and high heels for a touch of glamour.

Diwali Trend 2023: Dhoti Pants and Kurta

Blue dhoti kurta set

Dhoti pants have made a fabulous comeback in the world of Indian fashion. This versatile and comfortable bottom can be paired with crop tops to create a chic and elegant Diwali look. Opt for bold colors and intricate embroidery to add a touch of glamour to the outfit.

Find this Diwali special dress online in an array of variations and flaunt it with juttis and a clutch whether an intimate celebration is on the cards or an elaborate affair with the fam.

Layer Away with Cape Style Suits

yellow printed crop top with flared pants & cape

The cape trend is taking the fashion scene by storm. An added layer over a bustier, dress, blouse, or kurta whether attached or separate, not only exudes regal elegance but also ensures that you are the centre of attention. Nowadays, thanks to the influence of social media, more and more fashionistas are turning to caped Diwali special outfits for that festive flair!

Choose semi-sheer fabrics with sequins and metallic embroidery for that extra sparkle this Diwali.

Sensational Sharara Kurta Pant Set for Women

Shararas, with their flared pants, are back in vogue. These flowy bottoms paired with a short kurti and a matching dupatta create a playful yet elegant Diwali look. Opt for bright, vibrant colours to capture the festive spirit and woo everyone, from friends to family and also your special someone. Ace your twirls in this free-flowing masterpiece that takes the cake for every festivity.

Pair it with chaandbalis and a matching maangtikka to resemble royalty and exude old-world charm mixed with new-age aesthetics.

Diwali Special Suits: One-Shoulder Chic

One-shoulder tops and dresses have undoubtedly become a global fashion phenomenon, and this has trickled down to kurtas and blouses as well. You can incorporate this bold trend into your Diwali wardrobe by choosing off-shoulder designer gowns for women. Flaunt your shoulders and collarbones, exuding charm and confidence.

Top them off with statement choker necklaces and a bag that is both functional and conversation-starting.

Pre-Draped Diwali Special Saree for Comfort

ppink colour printed pre draped saree with belt

Pre-draped sarees do not require the intricate and time-consuming process of pleating, tucking, and draping a traditional saree, acting as the cherry on top for the city gals. They offer the same elegance and grace as the quintessential saree, and maintain its classic appeal while making it perfect for on-the-go dressing.

Style them as you would a regular saree, but with more time on your hands, you can do a lot more as well.

Modern fashionistas have an array of stylish options to choose from when it comes to Diwali outfits 2023. Whether you opt for fusion fashion or contemporary pieces in pastel or classic hues, the key is to embrace your style and confidence. Diwali is about celebrating the festival of lights, and your outfit should shine just as brightly. So, this festive season, go forth and sparkle! Happy Diwali!


What should I wear for Diwali?

First off, find something that resonates with your personal style. Then, research current trends and what aligns most with your unique personality. If you’re looking for some versatile and vibrant options, then a floral printed lehenga or a cape-style suit might be something to consider. Florals because they work for every season, and capes because they’re the new wave in the fashion industry! Whatever you choose, don’t forget to add that extra sparkle.

Which Colour clothes to wear on Diwali?

Consider wearing the most vibrant hues on Diwali, or if you’re going with darker shades, make sure they’re adorned with embellishments like sequins, etc. for that shine. Pastels are also great palettes to consider and can be worn year-round.

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