Bandhani has inspired the Design Centre at the Basanti Warehouse since day 1. And the evolution of the craft and our vision to drive the visual of this precious craft in an everyday avatar has inspired us season on season to create a novel collection from this thought. The craft began in Rajasthan & went on to create an aesthetic that was a true representation of honest & authentic culture. So much of India is represented in the simplicity of bandhej, like a Raasleela ringing in little notes, like a hide & seek of colours in love.

There is subtle honesty in the character of the #basanti woman. A certain rooted strength that symbolises everything that marries love, kindness & happiness in the minimalism of life that Muted blues, greens & Jaisalmeri Red – with minimalistic handcrafted embellishments with wooden, pital & Mother of pearl have inspired the aesthetic of this collection.