My grandfather walked into India at the age of 11 with empty pockets during the bloodbaths of Partition. He had but one skill, he could sell. At age 12 he sold fruits & vegetables, he also repacked candies from leftovers at the train station & sold them at a premium. He was a man with skill, and passion to envision a better life. Soon after he sold cloth on a bench outside of Chandni chowk. From Nothing altogether to more than everything today. Brick by brick, sweat by sweat he built on a passion for textile.

2019, we bring you – The Warehouse Experience Centre. 7000 sq feet of brand experience & 14000 sq ft of clothing spread across 2 floors. space brings the best of Matsya & Basanti together. A one-stop paradise for trousseau, lifestyle, weddings, parties & every step of the journey, of womanhood. The space navigates from a handprinted 1500 sq ft wall of inspiration painted by artists from Rajasthan, over to a Basanti experience with trial rooms overlooking nature. Finding you the best in everyday clothing, to every possible trousseau option & girly outfits to attend those weddings right! The opposite corner holds the Matsya Experience, centred with a textile wall paying tribute to crafts that we have loved & shared. Further, the section opens in a Luxury Pret Room & a massive lehenga section and finally closes into a private customisation studio.

The Basanti Community has given us enormous love in a very short span of time. This space is a tribute to the journey of the man who once had a dream, and to date, does not stop dreaming. This space is also a tribute to everyone, who has a little piece of Matsya or Basanti in their journey so far, and to those who will be a part of this story soon.


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