A lot of people who meet me at our stores look at the sign & ask me - “What is this Basanti - kapde aur koffee.” And every single time I have the widest smile on my face because that curiosity & wonder is what we always wanted to inspire, and carry it forward in the Basanti experience that would lead on to creation of the #BasantiLiving experience. We all want to live life a certain way, and more often than not, we end up a little lost & confused, in awe of what life could be. The inspiration & thought behind Basanti was simple - “Happiness.” If there was one thing I could inspire into everyone that walked into the store - would be the thought of happiness, of what the single most wonderful philosophy that exists in the world would translate to, nothing more - just “happiness.”

This morning I was reading a book on Danish culture that spoke about living life with the “absence of annoyance.” Simple, yet so wonderful. In a millisecond I just realised that all that is different between a peaceful, loving & beautiful life, vs an ordinary “letting life happen” kind of situation is our ability to ignore annoyance around us, and create a bubble that cannot be burst, that has all things wonderful & all pleasures that are created by our minds, and mindsets, that are so deep inside that, they are almost untouchable by the world order.

So here is my #BasantiLiving moment,
A rainy day, out on the edge of the window, just open a couple of inches for fragrance of the soil to come in, a Gulab aggarbatti on the side, warm coffee in her hands, just a solitary lamp in the corner with a dull shine, an ivory malmal cotton kurta, in an urban comfort on her with rustic jhumkis and old Bollywood songs as a sparrow stared at her from the corner behind her window because she couldn’t fly out in the rain. A deep breath, and a big smile, that’s the #Basanti life. And that’s all I’ve ever wanted to inspire curating joy & cheerful living all along. Come, experience this with us, as we find our way on this journey with you.
Thank you,

Utkarsh Ahuja
For #TeamBasanti