Here comes the festival to celebrate the special bond of brother and sister which stays until eternity. No matter how quarrelsome our relationship was in our childhood yet the profound love and care we share is irreversible. We never realize how much we love each other, till the time we are forced to live apart. All the things that we used to do together become a fond memory when we learn to do many other things without them constantly nagging us. Brothers and Sisters are not just people we share the family name with. They are our pillars of strength when we stumble upon the rocks thrown our way, and our biggest admirers when we rise and shine. They are our people, and they always will be.

The auspicious occasion of Raksha Bandhan is filled with great fun and excitement all over the country. But in today’s scenario where neither we will be able to travel to our sister’s places nor will be able to go shopping for them, sending them gifts online is the sweetest gesture of love and care. Basanti kapde aur koffee gives you the right choice of gifts for your sisters. Giving an abundance of options for a range of unstitched suits. Do you know why unstitched suits are best, especially by Basanti? Let us tell you, Basanti kapde aur koffee, offers a wide range of designs, styles, fabrics, colours all curated by artisans in very fine quality. Unstitched materials that can be transformed into stylish salwar suits or straight kurti sets are the easiest fashion hacks known to Indian women. You can be extremely experimental and use your creative imagination to create beautifully designed suits that are unique and different from others.

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