Another year has gone by, having its share of ups and downs.2020 was not any normal year with normal chores but yet a quite different one! A year that has made us realize the importance of all the things in our lives that we have taken for granted. It felt like it was a dose of realism that everyone required. And as we bid goodbye to the most life-changing year of our lives, we are high spirited for the following year. Even though we did a lot of things to stay safe and sound this year.

The only thing that kept us together was the bond that we developed with our loved ones and how we strengthened that bond during the tough times. The relationships that we have, kept us going through and made our boat sail smoothly in the most dangerous waves around us. Festivals had their own charm and we looked forward to them throughout. With the consistent hard work of our Basanti team to get you new designs and to serve you in the severity of the scenarios with new collections, it all felt like we all were a big family. Loving, laughing, and living together!

Basantikekapde launched AZRA wedding collections like sheesh mahal, banarasiya, udaivan lehengas for the brides and their tribes.

In our India Everyday collection, we breathe Indian textiles and crafts into daily life that pushes sustainability and global welfare. Urban Bandhej showcases a certain simplicity and strength for the #basanti woman. #Basanti presented a whole shopping experience to you with just one click and supreme deliveries at your doorstep.

As we continue to send happy packages to your houses, the #Basanti team has loved serving everyone with their utter dedication and creative levels mixed with love and kindness. And here we present our favorite and most liked articles for this New Year’s as we welcome the year 2021! We don't want you to miss any of the gorgeous garments.

Adios 2020!

Bonjour 2021!

We are ready for you.

#TeamBasanti #StaySafe #2021