Banaras - The land of gods and the ghat for the pious river of Ganges. Uttar Pradesh is home to multi-hued Indian culture that has blossomed from time immemorial. It is blessed with a wide geographical land and cultural diversity.

Banaras is one of the most culturally rich places and preserves a classical art heritage of India in the gorgeous and fascinating weave of brocades since the longest time of the Vedic period. The KASHI collection is one of the richest and culturally effective collections launched by #BasantiKeKapde. The intricate details of the mesmerizing brocades in effortless weaving of warp and weft thread is a collection to indulge in.

The golden dream fabrics and silhouettes are heavy, woven, and made into the beautiful intertwining of floral and foliate motifs with golden thread. Kashi is a magnificent collection by #BasantiKeKapde that makes you look elegant and keeps the essence of the Indian values intact. The collection that speaks for itself... Banarasi lehengas and suits are intricately woven with hard work and utter concentration by the craftsman.

The quintessential Banarasi fabric is enough to make women indulge in an opulent shopping experience at the store and online at our website no matter what is the occasion or the season.

Straight kurta sets with shararas or glamorous lehengas with surreal motifs in Banarasi fabric that are appropriate to cater to weddings and as light yet authentic for family poojas. The Kashi collection showcases gold work, compact weaving, figures with small details, metallic visual effects with jal and zardi I work. The breath-taking collection comes in varied designs and patterns that are set to woo the hearts of heritage and culture lovers everywhere.

So this season get yourself all in the luxe Banarasi ensembles and make a statement wherever you go!