If pulling up a YouTube tutorial on your phone before you start draping a saree sounds familiar–- know that we’ve all been there! Spending hours trying to perfect your pleats and, more often than not, having to redo everything is something our desi sides have to deal with timely. Yet, we never really give up on the saree, fully knowing that it is the one piece of clothing that is the most distinguished and the sexiest without even trying. Having evolved remarkably over the past decades, it has become an Indian contemporary clothing essential for women of all ages.

While Boomers may still treasure the traditional six yards – like everyone should anyway – Millennials and Gen-Z have shifted towards pre-draped versions that are high on impact and low on effort. The easy to wear saree is currently reigning supreme, and we’re all on board. Wondering how to ace the styling part, though? Leave that to us. Here, we cover 5 insider-approved ways to champion the drape. Read on!

Keep Your Body Type In Mind

A basic rule of thumb whenever picking any garment, whether it’s western or ethnic, is to factor in your body type first. The traditional six-yard or nine-yard saree is an exception to this rule. Taking the wearer's shape from the moment it is draped, it is flattering regardless of everything. Designer drape sarees, on the other hand, are pre-stitched, meaning they have to be chosen like any other pret piece. From free-flowing skirts to a sharara saree, ruffled ensembles to voluminous styles, the multiple renditions are all equally trendsetting. All you have to do is opt for one that hugs your curves in all the right places, creates the perfect illusion, and allows you to walk into any room with elegance and poise, instead of seeming out-of-place or simply tacky.

Accessorize Right

The best part about a saree is there are multiple ways to wear it! Whether it’s with traditional jewellery pieces or contemporary stunners, statement bags or experimental styles, there are no limitations. However, it is important to do it right. For example, wearing a belt where one is not required or is not flattering, can take your look from fab to drab in a heartbeat. Similarly, a designer ruffle saree may not need much except a simple pair of danglers, but overdoing it with heavy sets can move the spotlight farther away from you. Consider the print, embellishments, colours, silhouette, etc., before reaching for any add-ons. Yes, even something as seemingly minute as your footwear. !

Add Your Own Unique Touch

This probably goes without saying, but in everything you wear, there should be at least one unique element in play that defines your look and sets you apart from the others. Especially when it comes to a modern saree, focus on individualistic elements that showcase your true self and bring out your inner fashion queen. Being a desi diva comes naturally, yes, but retaining that status is solely on you. Accessories can help with this. Or, doing your hair a different way. The options are endless! Keep them all in mind before going ahead and buying that drape saree online.

Opt For Quality Pieces

Just because your modern saree is pre-stitched and not a traditional one, doesn’t mean it stops being an investment piece. To ensure it lasts you for years and, ultimately, also becomes an heirloom treasure, you’ve got to count on one that promises quality and finesse; aka designer sarees! With immense attention to detail and premium fabrics known for their durabiltity, bespoke number or pret styles from both budding & established designers play a key role in the wear-forever status of your drape!

Keep The Occasion In Mind

Heading to a wedding? Getting married yourself? Have a festive gathering at a relative’s place? The saree you choose for al three scenarios (and more) will be completely different owing to the nature of the celebrations. An embellished lehenga style saree is a great choice for nuptials, whether they’re your own or your BFF’s. Find a sequins saree online if there’s only party on your mind!

Lastly–the key to acing a draped saree look is always, ALWAYS in the details. Instead of falling prey to ever-changing styling trends, make sure to flaunt only something that is a true reflection of you.


What is a ready-to-wear saree called and why?

A ready-to-wear or easy to wear saree is officially as the pre-stitched saree. With the pallu and pleats both stitched beforehand, it is the easiest drape to don and is trending among modern fashionistas due to how effortlessly stylish it is.

How to look modern in sarees?

Looking on-fleek in pre-stitched sarees is an easy feat–provided you style it mindfully! From choosing the right accessories to opting for high-quality pieces, scouting unique styles to adding a personal touch, there are many ways to rank high on the charts when it comes to looking great in a modern saree

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