"A woman is the one who is wonderful, outstanding, marvelous, and nice to situations she faces and comes out in flying colors.”

We at #Basanti feel the pleasure and pride in making clothes for the creation of God and the epitome of love- WOMEN!

Growing up seeing my mother handle the family, household, and work so well, keeping a balance and peace in every aspect of life, and nurturing everything around her to create something even better was a powerful example. My mother inspired me to do something for superwomen everywhere in the world. Being a woman is a superpower trait. Women have the power to go through everything with a smile on their faces. You can’t take a mother’s love for her child, a sister’s love for her siblings, and a wife’s ardor for her husband. It’s a big circle of love, kindness, and warm feelings towards the huge world around her.

From a widespread occasion to all flares of age #BasantiKekapde has something for everyone. BasantiKekapde proudly houses the trendiest range of stylish traditional wear, perfect suit sets for women & everyday women's kurta sets. Everything sutured perfectly to cherish the beauty of Indian Women.

We exist because of the most courageous women. That gives us the strength to serve everyone with our mesmerizing styles.

Women like my mother inspire #Basanti, because of these women we serve better and grow better, Keeping the roles of these women so well defined that we at #Basanti have curated a collection of traditional suit sets that'll make every lady feel beautiful and royal while assists them to be more comfortable and confident in their skin. Dress yourself up in the magnificent collection this women's day.

Accepting and Conquering the world!

We want a #Basanti woman to never doubt herself, to put efforts into growing better, to achieve immeasurable heights, to never stop learning, dress for yourself, look good for you and not for anyone else, to be fiercely independent, and to love without boundaries and to laugh without fears. Being a woman is a blessing, cherish it and live it! Because of you, the whole world exists.

So let’s come together with #Basanti to celebrate womanhood!

Your Elegance Shines Like A Diamond!