It’s no secret that South Asian weddings will forever be referred to as one big party! But lately, they’ve also been doubling up as one big vacation – aka destination weddings. From grand & royal venues to nuptials by the beach, intimate affairs in the hills to unions in a new city, there is no saying where your BFF will decide to tie the knot!

But if the invitations are in already, all that’s left to do is RSVP yes, book the plane tickets, and hunt for the perfect destination wedding outfits. Since we’re right in the middle of summer-season nuptials, comfort cannot take the backseat! Beach weddings, poolside revelries and rooftop celebrations are not uncommon right now, and if you’re going to be in the outdoors, it’s essential to dress the part.

Curating your closet for the occasion can seem daunting, and so we’ve put together the perfect guide to help you assemble Indian ethnic wear aligning with everything entailing faraway weddings.

Prioritize Comfort

No matter what you choose – whether it’s a slinky number, a desi staple or something giving off an avant-garde vibe, it’s important to make it easygoing. Serial wedding attendees will agree; there’s nothing worse than feeling uncomfortable for hours on end while the functions stretch on! (Besides, it ruins the fun for you as well as your friends.)

It’s vital to know what fabrics, cuts and silhouettes work best in any given scenario. This is where the crepes, georgettes and soft nets of the world get their moment to shine! Offering open weaves and lending a lightweight feel, they allow you to breeze through the occasion looking your best. Sangeet by the shore? A printed floral dress will be your best friend! Pre-wedding party by the pool? A billowy kaftan dress will prove to be great company! Anything heavy and dripping in embroidery should be saved for another day.

Trust The Classics

For style that will not just be remembered but also eyed with envy, you’ve got to place your trust in classics first before opting for any experimental designs! Most times, it’s best to take a fail-safe approach, especially for destination weddings, as remote locations can render wardrobe malfunctions unfixable. Choosing classics and taking the timeless route will decrease the possibility of unfortunate tears, ill-fits, and questionable appeal.

Styles like a floral anarkali suit, classic shararas, kurta sets, etc. make it easy to frolic around and can always be counted on. While your penchant for innovative details may overpower your destination wedding wardrobe choices, try your best not to be swept away by risky embellishments like all-over mirrorwork, or fastenings that hang by a thread only, all in the name of fashion. Minimise the probability of mishaps and maximise your style quotient!

Choose No-Fuss Silhouettes

Complicating our wardrobe choices for highly engaging Instagram posts is a practice that can – and should be – skipped for destination weddings. The idea of making an entrance in a saree appeals to all of us, but unless it’s a pre-draped saree or you know how to drape it in a foolproof manner, you should give it some reconsideration . Partywear Gowns with long trails that can easily be stepped over in a compact space or gather dirt and sand when in the outdoors should also be barred.

Instead, go for effortless designer cape lehengas to put your most stylish foot forward! Other great options are cape style suits and a cape style dress, shararas or ethnic skirt sets. Basically, anything you can slip into at a moment’s notice and don’t run the risk of undoing is a winner.

Lastly, accessorise smartly. Beauty is pain is a long-believed myth that we as a generation need to now break out of! Keep your venue and the surroundings in mind while rounding out accessories for your destination wedding closet. Say ‘no’ to stilettos and ‘yes’ to wedges or block heels. Avoid sharp-ended jewellery pieces and stick to smoother edges and well-crafted styles that don’t weigh you down. Let go of maatha pattis and similar accessories for beachy affairs and other windy spots; it’ll be impossible to untangle them out of your hair!

With a mindful approach, a keen eye, and prior information about the destination at hand, you can take your wardrobe from a 10 to a 100 — just keep our list handy.


What do you wear to a destination wedding?

Get rid of heavy layering and make the wedding a relaxed affair rather than a dressy, overwhelming occasion. Stylish Indian dresses, beautiful cape sets, lightweight lehengas, kaleidoscopic Kaftans, etc. all make for stellar destination wedding outfits if you’re a guest!

What should a female guest wear to a beach wedding?

Dresses with short hemlines are your best friend! Leave long trails and trains alone, and opt for ankle-length styles. Want to flaunt a lehenga for a beach wedding? Instead of voluminous styles that are heavy on the can-can, give in to easy-breezy numbers such as a lehenga with jacket, or a midi lehenga which is quite the rage right now.

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