Weddings have always been great family affairs. The union isn’t just between the groom and the bride but also between families that ties the knot to infinity. Getting married is considered to be entering into a different aspect of life and making it more merrier.

When at the wedding, all the eyes are on the bride, the nervousness and the excitement pop out effortlessly. That’s when the brides find their comfort in the bridesmaids that are around her. A bond that can’t be missed even if we try to.
Bridesmaids are too hard to ignore with all the chirpiness they carry around with them. Thus, what her exuberant squad chooses to wear is also very important! We understand how nerve wrecking a task it can be when you need to decide upon the outfits for your Best friend or your sister, as looking good is the only option.

Relax, we are here to help, as your rescuers and take you on the journey of choosing the most mesmerising outfit for the occasion.
#Basanti presents you with a gorgeous range of lehengas which are fun and light and can easily let you show those crazy dance moves.
From summer pastel halter neck lehenga sets to classic banarasi romance in the deeper hues, we have got you all covered.
The collection showcases every colour you can think of that solves all your colour dilemmas.
No matter what you think of, we have got you covered in the most stylish silhouettes. From ruffles to mirror work, to banarasi weaves and gorgeous bandhej prints- becomes your favourite stop to shop from.

So why wait? When you already have so much to indulge in this wedding season. So take your dancing shoes out and the favourite jewellery piece to adorn yourself in, Because who knows when dressed up as a #basanti bridesmaids you happen to find your happily ever after!

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So MASK UP and let loose in all the amusement!

Stay Safe And Healthy.