"….Having being fascinated
and getting deeply engrossed,
the atmosphere that surrounded me
was now filled with happiness.”

With the beginning of the refreshing spring and illuminating summers, #Basanti is all set to bring to you yet another marvel, perfectly described as happiness in the heart, “Dilkushaan” is inspired from a sense of freedom metaphoric with the wilderness of nature on the onset of spring.

Warm faded yellow tones soothing like the first rays of the sun, vibrant pinks like freshly strewn petals of Bougainvillea complimented with subtle mirror work radiating like morning dew. The thread and floral embroideries resonates with the wild shrubs welcoming the season of sheer freshness.

Dil Kushaan collection is inspired by a soft and soothing colour pallette that is naturally present around us. Vibrant colours that grow and make everything surreal. The silhouettes have soft tones of pinks and blues, with flowy jumpsuits and indo westerns, pastel lehengas which are summer appropriate curated in skin friendly fabrics that are breathable and trendy.

The outfits are inspired by the creepers and blossoms existing around us making everyone effortlessly happy, having a delicate texture in the nature and yet spreading humungous amount of happiness.

Enchanting surroundings happen to be the core essence for this collection showcasing a mesmerising floral romance.

Stop! Breathe and let loose of yourself in the most summery collection having the traditional yet modern vibe.

Enhance the vibrant colours this season at www.basantikekapde.com


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